Hello World

Two weeks.

I've got two weeks until my last day at work. Two weeks to finish moving out of my apartment. Two weeks to get my vehicle into good shape. Well, good enough shape for me. My standards aren't very high, fortunately. Two weeks to say goodbyes and assure people that I won't be gone for long.

Not much substance in this post, I know. But two weeks isn't much time, and the wood planks that I glued this morning are just about ready to be stared at while I scratch my head and figure out how to attach them to the curved interior wall of a Sprinter van.

Speaking of the van, I should probably introduce it:

Staring majestically into the sunset...

Staring majestically into the sunset...

Not sure where that photo was taken. Somewhere along the drive from Madison to Kentucky.

That's all for now.




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