Crash Recovery and Moving Out

Immediately after I started this blog, my computer decided to make life interesting for me by doing what experts call "tossing it's cookies." So I lost the hard drive, and everything that was on it. I was planning on backing up the hard drive (honest!), but the thing was 2 weeks old, so I thought I had some time. NOPE.

Several grand plans that I had in the works were affected by this occurrence:

1) A photo tour of the van deconstruction, re-construction, and remodeling process.

2) A photo tour of climbing adventures from the winter/spring of this year.

3) A video compilation of climbing and stuff.

I might be able to rescue a bit of stuff from the winter, but the in-process van constructing will forever be lost to the cyber-imps that are eternally gnawing on the edges of our precious devices. Oh well. Perhaps they'll be sated for a time.

In other news, I moved out of my apartment in Madison. I'm still here until Thursday, at which point I'll head to Minnesota to drop off 70% of my earthly possessions with my ever-gracious and storage-space-having parents. For now, I'm living in the company of some lovely, if snarky, Madisonians.

More soon...




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